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Welcome to the Customer Portal to your personal Libbtunes Entertainment Planning webpage. And thank you very much for choosing Libbtunes Entertainment. You're going to have a wonderful celebration!

Please review the information below, before you enter the "Portal" (Bottom of page).

You’ve been issued a "PASSWORD" to gain access to your planning tools. Once inside the "Portal", you’ll be able to make all your plans for your special celebration. The tools that you have been issued are specifically targeted for the type of event you that are celebrating.

Please remember that Libbtunes Entertainment needs a draft of your documents completed at least "One" month before your celebration day. Libbtunes wants your special day to be absolutely perfect, but that can only be accomplished with ‘detailed & timely’ input from you.

Using your "Event Planner" you'll be able to choose and document all your special activities, special dances, bridal party introductions, anniversary announcements, reunion speeches, corporate activities, etc. etc.

Your "Event Timeline" enables you to determine how much time is required for each of the activities that you’ve chosen, such as: a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, introductions, toasts, special announcements, special dances and other activities.

The "60,000 song "Music Data-Base" enables you to select your favorite music for your special activities, guest dance music, wedding ceremony music, etc. You can select all your specific songs, or simply inform Libbtunes of your favorite artists, genres, and decades, and Libbtunes will do the rest. The choice is yours. You can also identify music that "you do not want played".

There is no need to email your documents. Each time you Save your work, updates are automatically forwarded to Libbtunes Entertainment. This ensures that your celebration plans are completely in-sync with the information Libbtunes has, at all times.

Your website tools were not designed to be a replacement for "Good ole" one-on-one communication. Please feel free, and do not hesitate to call or email Libbtunes with suggestions, concerns or any questions you might have. Libbtunes wants to make sure that your special day is a perfect day and that it runs as smooth as silk.

Have fun planning the details of your special day. It's easy to do, and guarantees you of a "fun-filled" and "worry-free" celebration.

See you soon

- Customer Portal -
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