The Ultimate Experience in Sound Libbtunes Entertainment also offers our customers the optional Bose Cylindrical Sound systems. This incredible new system not only looks elegant to the eye, it sounds absolutely fantastic. You have two options: Cylindrical System 1, or Dual Cylindrical Systems. These systems fill the dance hall with superb music. The "Dual" System surrounds you, putting you right in the middle of what feels like an exciting live performance. This new technology also eliminates the so-called "Flash-light" effect that is often deafening to those who are unlucky enough to be seated directly in front of a conventional speaker.

Bose Cylindrical System 1: Pictured on the 'right' is the 7' high cylindrical radiator. The speakers radiate a 180 degree wedge of sound (see illustration above), so that all the listeners hear the sound at the same volume level. The tower is accompanied by powerful sub-bass loudspeakers, for thunderous sounding bass, that you'll not only hear, you'll feel it!

Equipment: Libbtunes uses all State-of-the-art digital professional sound equipment including Dual Pioneer CD units, Bose/Mackie/Gemini amplifiers, ADJ mixers, Bose professional loudspeakers, wireless microphones, cutting edge virtual music mixing software, and professional "Effects Lighting". Back-up equipment is always on site.

Powerful Loudspeakers: Pictured above are some examples of our "full range" Bose professional loudspeakers. They produce a completely distortion-free and smooth frequency response that will make you feel like you're listening to a live performance. Pictured on the right are examples of two of our Bose bass modules which provide "floor-shaking" thunderous sound like you've never heard before.

Amplification: On the left is one of several amplifiers that Libbtunes provides. Pictured here is our 750 Watt Gemini Power Amp. Libbtunes also uses Bose and Mackie amplifiers, ADJ mixers, wireless microphones, cutting edge virtual music mixing software, and professional "Effects Lighting". Optional "sound systems" are also available for certain situations, should you require them. Equipment situation descriptions are instantly available under "options" when utilizing our "Availability Checker".

Powerful Loudspeakers: Pictured on the right are Bose Panaray Loudspeakers set-up for a show in a large auditorium. These speakers have wide dispersion and can handle a lot of power! They are accompanied by Bose sub-bass modules and are great for club events and other medium to large venues.

Below is an example of one of several special effect lighting modules that are available. They add that extra special dazzling effect to the dance floor, and oscillate to the beat of your favorite music.

Also shown below is one of Libbtunes several audio mixers.


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