Frequently Asked Questions for DJ's and Disc Jockey's in New England

Do you have references I can contact? Libbtunes Entertainment believes that this is the most important thing you need to address. Any DJ/Emcee can write a long song and dance about how good they are, but only their previous customers can give you the real facts. Always ask the DJ if he/she can provide you with contact information so you can see if the "The Proof is in The Pudding". Libbtunes Entertainment will be happy to send listings of references with contact information to you.

Do you have insurance? Libbtunes Entertainment has both equipment and liability insurance. You and your guests are completely protected.

Do you have a contract? Libbtunes Entertainment strongly recommends that you only do business with entertainers who require a contract. This protects your interests as well as the DJís. Libbtunes Entertainment has a contract that we call our "Performance Agreement". The Agreement covers cancellation policies, set-up requirements, payment requirements and all other aspects of a well written contract. Libbtunes Entertainment requires that all our customers review the "Performance Agreement" prior to hiring Libbtunes. The customer then mails the signed agreement to our address with their deposit. Libbtunes Entertainment then mails a (jpeg) copy of the Agreement with a Libbtunes signature back to the customer. At that time, the customer's date is Locked-in.

Do you have a payment policy? To Lock-in a customerís event date, Libbtunes Entertainment requires a $150 deposit for weddings, and a $100 deposit for parties. Final payment must be received by Libbtunes Entertainment at least 10 business days before the event. All the specifics are covered in our "Performance Agreement",(You can view our "Performance Agreement" on Step#4 of the "Pricing Information" page).

Do you charge for travel? There is no mileage charge within a 50 mile radius (100 miles round trip) of Libbtunes Entertainment. There is a modest charge for travel over 100 miles round trip. There is never a charge for travel time.

How much time do you need to set-up? Libbtunes always arrives at least one hour prior to the start of your event. This also allows for time to address any last minute changes in the plan etc. Libbtunes requires at least 3/4 hour after the event to tear-down and repack the equipment.

Is equipment set-up and teardown cost included in your quote? Yes, the time required for this, is in addition to the "performance time" in our quote. There is no additional cost for set-up or teardown time for "one" complete sound system. There could be an additional charge if you require multiple equipment set-ups or if access to the venue was unusually time consuming (IE: no elevators or ramps available to transport equipment to the Performance area).

Do you take breaks? No. Libbtunes Entertainment keeps the music playing and your guests up and dancing' throughout your entire celebration.

How interactive are you as a DJ? I consider my self to be high-energy and moderately outgoing. I am not overly boisterous and I always treat everyone in a courteous and respectful manner. I love a party and really get a kick out of seeing people enjoying themselves. I can be outgoing or conservative, or somewhere in-between. It all depends on what my customer prefer. Also, my hand is not glued to the microphone :-) I've heard my share of horror stories about DJ's who seemed to be more interested in entertaining themselves than you and your guests. This will not happen with Libbtunes. This is totally your day, and Libbtunes will make sure that your expectations for a great celebration are totally exceeded.

Can I choose the music I want played? Absolutely! Libbtunes Entertainment provides you with a personal password enabling you to enter our music data-base to choose the music that you want. We also adhere to your no-playlist of music that you do not want to hear. Also, Libbtunes is "always reading the crowd" making sure that we play the music that will keep your guests on the dance floor having a great time.

What about backup equipment? Libbtunes Entertainment always bring back-up equipment, making sure that the party is a non-stop music experience.

Do you have a backup DJ? Yes, I've known my back-up DJ for 27 years. He is a professional DJ and has his own business. We have always been on call for each other, however, in all this time I have never missed a single performance.

How do you know if the music is too loud? Libbtunes always keeps the volume at a level where guests can carry on a conversation during cocktails and dinner without having to raise their voice across the table. Libbtunes Entertainment will also approach the guest tables closest to the speakers to ask if the volume is too loud. If it is, the speakers will be re-directed, or the volume level will be turned down. When the dancing begins the speakers are re-positioned to cover the entire dance area.

How will my DJ be dressed? Libbtunes lets you decide. I will wear whatever you think is appropriate for you event. If your event is a formal attire wedding, Libbtunes will dress in a Tuxedo, or if you wish, a suit. For parties, the attire is usually a suit or business casual. If your event is a theme event, such as Caribbean, etc. then Libbtunes will dress in the attire that you prefer for the occasion.

Do you help with the planning? Yes. Libtunes Entertainment provides our customers with their own personal website area, via the customer portal of the Libbtunes Entertainment website. Wedding planning documents, event timelines, music playlists, etc. are all automatically forwarded to Libbtunes each time the customer updates a document. Libbtunes also provides full "free" consultation for customers on planning, event suggestions and/or any questions or concerns they may have.

Should we meet for an interview or to coordinate my event? Itís very important that you feel comfortable with your Emcee/DJ. Libbtunes Entertainment meets approximately 50% of our customers prior to their event. Quite often we meet before we are actually hired. The rest of our customers are often located too far away, or they were referred to Libbtunes by previous customers, and prefer interviewing and/or discussing their plans on the phone, Whether I meet them in person, or not, we do most of the event planning on the phone and/or via the internet. Libbtunes Entertainment makes sure that we have all the needed details about their event, and that both Libbtunes and the customer are completely in-sync with the celebration plan!


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